Pinto Brasil at Productronica 2019

Pinto Brasil at Productronica 2019

For the 3rd time, Pinto Brasil has participated in Productronica, in Germany. This is the world-leading fair in all that is related to electronics development and production, that’s why it receives thousands of visitors in every edition.

From 12th to 15th November Pinto Brasil has been in Munich showing its innovative intralogistics solutions that can be adapted to any industry, but especially at this fair for wire cable industry. At the fair, the visitors had the opportunity to find out some of the solutions created by Pinto Brasil. It’s the case of the Harness Logistic System (HLR), the Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and also the new launch of the company.

This participation is part of a strategy that not only aims to promote and consolidate the international growth of the company but also to improve the knowledge of the benefits of its products to several industries.

Schools Open Day at Pinto Brasil

Schools Open Day at Pinto Brasil

Pinto Brasil has opened the doors of its factory to receive students from several educational institutions from its geographical area.

The Schools Open Day took place last October and the 40 students from CENFIM, Universidade do Minho e Universidade Lusíada got to know a little bit more of the company’s story. They also had the chance to take a tour through the production process.

With this event, Pinto Brasil intends to be even closer to those who want to work in this sector. Maybe one day, some of these students will be part of the company’s team, helping to create even more innovative intralogistics solutions.

A Pinto Brasil visita a instalação do Shopstocker na Plastic Omnium

A Pinto Brasil visita a instalação do Shopstocker na Plastic Omnium

Na semana passada, o fundador da Pinto Brasil, Manuel Brasil, visitou a instalação do Shopstocker na Plastic Omnium em Bad Rappenauna, na Alemanha, . Esta solução de armazém automatizado foi projetada especificamente para armazenar e transportar por via aérea 5.000 para-choques armazenados verticalmente em ganchos.

Os transportadores aéreos da Pinto Brasil permitem o manuseio e deslocação de componentes, peças automóveis,
cablagens ou outros produtos. O Shopstocker é uma solução Intralogistica que transporta e armazena peças
verticalmente. Esta tecnologia permite a otimização do armazenamento e melhora a ergonomia do operador.

O Shopstocker é sustentado por uma estrutura base que suporta o sistema aéreo permitindo rotas de transporte

Does your company need a Warehouse Automation System?

Does your company need a Warehouse Automation System?

If your company acts on the industrial manufacturing market, either you already have an implemented warehouse automation system or you are thinking about implementing in your intralogistics factory setup. Industrial Automation “boom” is about to get real, and companies of multiple industries are more concerned than ever to automated all the processes, to reduce mistakes and waste production hours.


[4 Critical Supply Chain Process challenges]

1- Manage Data

Information may be your biggest challenge. Studies show that the data flow in an industrial company is most of the times humanly impossible to manage, from your suppliers to your costumer’s data.

2- Connect Processes

Supply Chain processes connect multiple divisions in an industrial organization. Either you connect an Automated Guided Vehicle with an Overhead Conveyor, or implementing a Production System with an Automated Storage and Retrieval System.  Due to the complexity of most supply chains, the procedures need a controlled link between all the departments and even external partners. The miscommunication and delays can be solved in a warehouse automation system that keeps the data compatible between all the information flows.

3- Focus on what really matters, your costumer’s needs

Your costumers are surely the most important stakeholder in your company. Due to the complexity of the supply chain sometimes the interactions between your costumer and your company get lost.

4- Meet deadlines

Meeting deadlines can be a test on your costumer’s confidence, and helps to nurture your business partnership. This is one of the most relevant decisions marking criteria when choosing a supplier. Your goal is to increase the lifetime value of your client.

[The Final Answer]

The main reason to upgrade to a Warehouse Automation is to respond to the costumer’s needs. Nowadays, on the industrial market, costumers demand fast delivery lead times regardless of the project complexity and what it implies to the supply chain. That when automation comes in.


Our Automated Solutions:





The New AGV Movis500 SmartVision was at EMAF 2018

Pinto Brasil and SEW Eurodrive embraced the AGV Movis500 SmartVision project. This technology partnership was presented at the 17th International Fair of Machinery, Equipment and Services for Industry. The new version of AGV features SmartVision’s simultaneous location and mapping technology.

The Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is an intralogistic material transport and production support equipment. Its flexibility and cost-effectiveness are crucial for the right balance between automation and manual activities, as well as the efficient management of process organization systems and IT solutions. The use of the AGV Movis500 SmartVision allows the integration of flows and automatic transport, as well as better coordination of tasks and management of the timings of delivery of different products.

Know more in the video below.

Pinto Brasil: Visita da CCILA

Pinto Brasil dá as boas-vidas à Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Luso-Alemã.

A Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Luso-Alemã organizou recentemente uma visita à Pinto Brasil S.A., na qual participaram 22 sócios da CCILA.

A visita iniciou-se com a mensagem de boas-vindas do Gonçalo Castro, Business Developer da Pinto Brasil, seguindo-se a apresentação do Paulo Martins, CTO da GenSYS com o tema ”Smart Manufacturing Systems – Industry 4.0, que nos deu a conhecer o software GenSYS que permite às empresas do setor industrial produzir massivamente artigos diferenciados numa altura em que o setor enfrenta novos desafios, como é o caso do aumento da diversidade de artigos e a possibilidade dos consumidores finais personalizarem o que pretendem adquirir.

Seguiu-se a apresentação da Pinto Brasil onde foi dado a conhecer uma  “overview” do último triénio, o foco na Inovação e Cooperação Estratégica e a visão dos Desafios do Futuro – 2019-2021, que foi conduzida pelo Diretor Geral da empresa, António Brasil.

Pinto Brasil: CCILA Visits our facities

Pinto Brasil welcomes the German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently had a visit to our headquarters, which attended 22 partners of CCILA.
The visit started with a welcome message from the Business Developer at Pinto Brasil, Gonçalo Castro, followed by the CTO of GenSYS, Paulo Martins, that explained the company vision about “Smart manufacturing Systems – Industry 4.0”. The software developed by the company, allows companies to produce massively personalized products, in order to align with the market needs.
António Brasil, the General Manager of Pinto Brasil, made an overview of the last three years, focusing on the importance of Innovation, Strategic Cooperation, and a goal-oriented vision.

Pinto Brasil: metalworking grows with innovation

Grupo Pinto Brasil billing in 2017 was 40.1 million, of which 89.2% are exports to more than 30 countries.

The Portuguese export champion sector does not have the glamor of fashion or the history of Port wine, but it is in engineering with international competitors like Germany and in price with the astute Turks.

Pinto Brasil Group has increased its turnover 22% per year, on average, since 2014, to the 40.1 million euros forecast this year. Of this value, 89.2% will be exports in 2017 to more than 30 markets worldwide, especially Germany, France, the USA, Eastern Europe and North Africa.
In 2018, Pinto Brasil Group expects to grow more than 20% in turnover thanks to the expansion of the Guardizela factory (Guimarães) and plans to build a new factory in Santa Maria da Feira in the next two years. To the 600 people that today work in “Pinto Brasil” will soon be joined by another 200.

“One of our key drivers of success is the development of new and innovative products, such as a storage system with more than 12m in the USA or the latest generation electric test systems made especially for Airbus,” said Manuel Brasil, CEO of the group. The R&D department has 30 employees dedicated exclusively to innovation “both in internal manufacturing processes and in launching new product families”.

Although the national production is at the level of the best and at competitive prices, Manuel Brasil says that they cannot compete only for price or quality. “Working exclusively for the price is too dangerous and reductive, since the capital return is very small, and because there will continue to be countries whose local situation is more favorable to this type of manufacturing,” said the Chairman.

“Quality is something that has to be innate to all products and services. The premise that must be guaranteed is not to fall into situations of “excess” quality, everything that is included in a product that does not have value to the customer is in fact a cost to the manufacturer,” he explained.

Considering that the sector is able to continue to grow in the short and medium term, essentially due to the merit of our business fabric, Manuel Brasil fears only the threat of a lack of qualified human resources. “If there isn´t a stategic national plan for training schools in this area, I do not know for how long this growth can be sustained,” he warned.


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Pinto Brasil: Metalomecânica cresce com a inovação

Grupo Pinto Brasil faturou 40,1 milhões de euros este ano, dos quais 89,2% são exportações para mais de 30 países.

O setor campeão das exportações portuguesas não tem o glamour da moda ou o histórico do vinho do Porto, porém ombreia em engenharia com competidores internacionais como a Alemanha e em preço com os astutos turcos.

O vimaranense Grupo Pinto Brasil tem aumentado o volume de negócios 22% ao ano, em média, desde 2014, para os 40,1 milhões de euros previstos este ano. Deste valor, 89,2% serão exportações, em 2017, para mais de 30 mercados em todo o mundo, com destaque para a Alemanha, a França, os EUA, o Leste da Europa e o Norte de África.

Em 2018, o grupo prevê crescer mais de 20% no volume de negócios graças à ampliação da fábrica da Guardizela (Guimarães) e tem planos para, nos próximos dois anos, construir uma nova fábrica em Santa Maria da Feira. Às 600 pessoas que hoje trabalham na “Pinto Brasil” deverão juntar-se, em breve, mais 200.

“Um dos nossos principais vetores de sucesso é o desenvolvimento de novos e inovadores produtos, como um sistema de armazenamento com mais de 12 m nos EUA ou os sistemas de última geração de teste elétrico feitos especialmente para a Airbus”, apontou Manuel Brasil, CEO do grupo. O departamento de I&D possui 30 colaboradores dedicados em exclusivo à inovação “quer nos processos internos de fabrico, quer no lançamento de novas famílias de produtos”.

Apesar de a produção nacional estar ao nível dos melhores e a preços competitivos, Manuel Brasil refere que não podem competir só pelo preço ou pela qualidade. “Trabalhar exclusivamente pelo preço, é demasiado perigoso e redutor, visto que as mais valias são muito reduzidas, e porque continuarão a existir países cuja conjuntura local seja mais favorável a este tipo de fabrico”, analisou o empresário.

“A qualidade é algo que tem que ser inato a todos os produtos e serviços. A premissa que deve ser garantida é a de não cair em situações de “excesso” de qualidade, ou seja, tudo aquilo que esteja incluído num produto que não tenha valor para o cliente é de facto um custo para o fabricante”, explicou.

Considerando que o setor tem condições para continuar a “crescer no curto e médio prazo, essencialmente por mérito do nosso tecido empresarial”, Manuel Brasil teme apenas a ameaça da falta de recursos humanos qualificados. “Se não for criada e colocada no terreno uma estratégia nacional de formação nesta área, não sei por quanto tempo este crescimento possa ser sustentado”, avisou.


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Pinto Brasil establishes strategic partnerships at Productronica 2017

Pinto Brasil – Industrial Machinery Factory participated for the second time in Productronica 2017, in Munich, from 14 to 17 November. This was an extremely important fair for the consolidation of the company’s commercial and internationalization strategy and its main objective was the presentation of new industrial solutions and the strengthening of ties with partners and potential clients.

Pinto Brasil was one of the 8 national companies to participate in what is considered the biggest and best international event of electronic production and, therefore, presented some of its highlights, as it is the case of the Assembly Lines, product inserted in the category of systems and the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), the HLS (Harness Logistic System), the AGV Movis 300 and the Pick To Light system.

During the four-day edition, Productronica 2017 received 1,200 exhibitors from 42 countries and more than 44,000 visitors from 85 countries, an increase of almost 20% over the previous event. There was also a steep increase in visitors from Taiwan and the USA, as well as from France and the Netherlands, followed by Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom.


Corporate Information:

Pinto Brasil was founded in 1991 and since then has dedicated its activity towards the development of industrial machines and technical solutions in the metalworking sector and it is highly oriented to the automotive industry, thus ensuring the highest standards of its customers.

Specialized in the conception of production systems, intralogistics/supply chain and outsourcing and special tools, Pinto Brasil Group’s company uses 2D and 3D software in order to comply with specific requirements of its customers, through solutions that outstandingly enhances the ease of use and the user’s safety, which main objectives are productivity and quality.