We develop integrated systems of storage, transfer, packaging and automotive components transportation, thus creating solutions with integrated systems in a synergy of equipment and means, whose main objective is the generalized increase in safety, product and process quality, increase in production efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Pibra® Easyform

The PIBRA® EASYFORM solution is based on the “Lean Manufacturing” and process optimization and resource flexibilization principles. Therefore, Pinto Brasil’s range of products ensures waste decrease and the elimination of activities of no added value for the client, and a sustainable construction, because the use of raw materials, equipment, space, labour, and investment is minimal. Other than supplying Lean components, Pinto Brasil provides a seamless service from the 3D project to the production and supply of own means.

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Racks & Shelvings

Pinto Brasil’s Racks & Shelvings are developed by our engineering teams who create prototypes for all types of structures according with our client’s needs and specifications. Our teams are highly specialized and have a wide knowledge regarding how to approach and search for solutions, which allows us to better adapt to different concepts and demands of a project, and to respond to all requests.

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Returnable Packaging & Wip

The experience of Pinto Brasil allows us to develop Returnable Packaging & Wip adapted to the different workstations and for different types of materials, such as plastic, metal or glass parts. We develop complex equipment according to all the norms of transport and packaging of materials with the highest levels of safety, productivity and handling. Our equipment can be produced separately or in interconnection with other stock equipment or transfers, such as shopstockers, warehouses and others.

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Storage & Conveyors Systems

Industry 4.0 brought now technical possibilities, namely at the Intralogistics and Supply Chain level and has facilitated the vision and execution of “Smart Factories”. At Pinto Brasil, we suggest automated transport systems – Storage Systems and Conveyors Systems, connected by the several software services and with the possibility of being connected to other existing systems like ERP systems or the like.

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AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is an intralogistics material and production support conveying system. Its flexibility and sustainability are critical for the right balancing between automation and manual activities, as well as for the effectiveness of process organization system and TI solution management. Pinto Brasil’s AGV Movis 300 conveys several products or product pallets, from raw materials to finished products, via coupling or trolleys.

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Pick to Light

Pick to Light is an innovative engineering system that can be integrated in Pinto Brasil’s structures or the like, allowing maximum speed and productivity in item selection. Our Pick to Light systems are ideal for high category and/or rotativity item environments. They are also fit for medium and low rotativity environments, where more open solutions or solutions combined with external stock management systems can also be used.

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