Pinto Brasil’s AGV Movis 300 conveys several products or product pallets, from raw materials to finished products, via coupling or trolleys. AGV Movis 300 allows the integration of flows and automatic conveying, as well as the improved task coordination and management of timings for the delivery of different products.


  • Task administration: Pinto Brasil Specific software
  • Interface: User friendly interface (GUI) and internet access
  • User management: Possibility of use by several users
  • Task management: Possibility of assigning multiple tasks
  • Report and panels: Pinto Brasil software management
  • Backups: Automatic backups, logs and data error documentation
  • Support: Worldwide
  • Motion system: Double Engine
  • Weight: 100 Kg (Payload) | 300 Kg (Towing with the hook)
  • Speed: 30 m / min maximum
  • WIFI: Wi-Fi communication
  • Safety: Laser scanner
  • Trolleys: Trolleys can be customized
  • Control system: PLC based
  • Reader: By RFID

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