This is the ShopStocker

An AS/RS that combines automated storage with conveying technologies.




The ShopStocker can be
adapted to any

Find out if how below.

“We designed a solution that combines automated storage and transportation through overhead conveying systems.”

Save up to 65% of floor space.

Reduces up to 70% of labor requirements.

Adapted to Store and Transport

The ShopStocker can be adapted to any industry.

Choose yours!

Body Parts

Wire Harness​

Tire and Wheel

Automotive Electronics

Non Automotive

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Supports up to 120kgs.

Our hook can load up to 120 kgs.  Its design can be adapted to your specific product. 

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Stores vertically or horizontally

According to your product shape and weight, the item can be stored and transported in both positions.

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Easy Loading/Unloading grips

Our hooks are designed to improve your employee's experience and reduce the time spent. From 2 sec of loading/unloading time.

Why do you need a ShopStocker?

That’s a really good question!
Here are some of its main benefits.
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Maximize floor space up to 65%

If maximizing your floor space is your goal in your intralogistics setup, this is the solution for you. Our last implementation registered 65% an increase in storage capacity.

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Use of IoT Technologies

The use of IoT technologies improves your employee’s experience when using the System. This intelligence will help to connect the different processes in your floor space and collect data.

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Increase accuracy by 80%

Reduce human error and processes is one of the benefits of the ShopStocker. When using forklifts and manual stock control it’s impossible to ensure a good accuracy rate.

Combines Storage with Transport

The Shopstocker is the only Automated Storage and Retrieval System that combines Warehousing and long overhead conveying in one product. ​

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Control your warehouse with a single touch

With the help of touch panels and data collection displays, your warehouse and logistics experts will be able to make decisions using just their fingers tips.

Throughput Optimization

Time is money. With the Shopstocker Warehousing technology, your production Throughput time will be reduced considerably.

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Data Collection and Analysis

Big Data and Small Data collection are some of our main offers when designing Shopstocker's technologies.

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Connect different production chain processes

To build a truly automated logistics system it's important to connect the different processes and technologies. The Shopstocker was built with this mindset.

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Increase your employees productive time

With the Shopstocker, the wasted time and nonproductive time will decrease due to the elimination of human processes.

Reduce Human Error

We all make mistakes, but with the right tools, the human error rate can be reduced almost to 0%. The Shopstocker helps your employees to be more accurate and risk-free.

Want to know technical Specifications?

Let’s talk about an adapted solution for your company.

Machine Learning and AI on the Shopstocker.

Due to Machine Learning elements on your warehouse managing software, the storage and transport behavior will be analyzed through complex computing intelligence, that will recognize patterns. This technology will help your logistics to make decisions and trigger specific processes.

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Real-Time Optimization

The Shopstocker can be adapted to sudden changes in the intralogistics environment, gathering information to optimize the storage and transport process.

Target Oriented Setups

The System can be adapted answering to a specific target or final goal, reducing the complexity of the warehouse system, making complex results with simple decisions. 

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Adapts the Layout by Prediction

The Machine Learning coding will optimize and predict behaviors by analyzing data from your logistics system.

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