We work to answer to the Body Parts Industry needs

Conveyors & Transportation

Overhead Conveying Systems

Reduce space occupation of warehousing, combining with transportation on your production setup. 

Due to the complexity of a Plastic Injection Production facility, an Overhead Conveying System solves this intralogistics challenge.

Automated Storage Solutions

Upgrading to a Automated Storage Setup your warehouse intelligence will optimize productivity ratios, reduce space ocupation and reduce the number of moviments. 

The modular solutions of Warehouse Automation with adapt to your facility accordingly to your needs. 


AGV Movis Selection

AGV Movis selection is designed to our client’s production systems. Learn more about our SLAM – Smart Vision and the AGV load capacity (up to 500kg).

Returnable Packaging - Containers

See our customized solutions of Returnable Packaging. Due to the long supply chain, it’s important to keep your products safe and well-organized.

With our Returnable Packages, your company can reduce transportation costs increasing the logistics efficiency.

Racks & Shelvings

Meet our storage of Racking and Shelving, applied to pallets or personalized containers/boxes. 

Supporting high stacking of single items or palletized loads. 

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