The PIBRA® EASYFORM solution is based on the “Lean Manufacturing” and process optimization and resource flexibilization principles. Therefore, Pinto Brasil’s range of products ensures waste decrease and the elimination of activities of no added value for the client, and a sustainable construction, because the use of raw materials, equipment, space, labour, and investment is minimal. Other than supplying Lean components, Pinto Brasil provides a seamless service from the 3D project to the production and supply of own means.


The Lean production system agility, flexibility and implementation easiness, results in:

  • Increasing operative process quality levels
  • Resource optimization
  • Increasing productivity
  • Decreasing order preparation time
  • Decreasing assembly line length
  • Improving working areas
  • Decreasing stocks
  • Decreasing internal logistics costs

PIBRA® EASYFORM solutions consist of unions, joints, joint set, pipes, minirail, accessories and wheels.

* The image on the left is an example of our products.