Does your company need a Warehouse Automation System?

If your company acts on the industrial manufacturing market, either you already have an implemented warehouse automation system or you are thinking about implementing in your intralogistics factory setup. Industrial Automation “boom” is about to get real, and companies of multiple industries are more concerned than ever to automated all the processes, to reduce mistakes and waste production hours.


[4 Critical Supply Chain Process challenges]

1- Manage Data

Information may be your biggest challenge. Studies show that the data flow in an industrial company is most of the times humanly impossible to manage, from your suppliers to your costumer’s data.

2- Connect Processes

Supply Chain processes connect multiple divisions in an industrial organization. Either you connect an Automated Guided Vehicle with an Overhead Conveyor, or implementing a Production System with an Automated Storage and Retrieval System.  Due to the complexity of most supply chains, the procedures need a controlled link between all the departments and even external partners. The miscommunication and delays can be solved in a warehouse automation system that keeps the data compatible between all the information flows.

3- Focus on what really matters, your costumer’s needs

Your costumers are surely the most important stakeholder in your company. Due to the complexity of the supply chain sometimes the interactions between your costumer and your company get lost.

4- Meet deadlines

Meeting deadlines can be a test on your costumer’s confidence, and helps to nurture your business partnership. This is one of the most relevant decisions marking criteria when choosing a supplier. Your goal is to increase the lifetime value of your client.

[The Final Answer]

The main reason to upgrade to a Warehouse Automation is to respond to the costumer’s needs. Nowadays, on the industrial market, costumers demand fast delivery lead times regardless of the project complexity and what it implies to the supply chain. That when automation comes in.


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