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Pinto Brasil path is being created since 1991. Specialized in metalworking and highly oriented to the automotive industry, Pinto Brasil meets the highest demanding standards, thus being a preferred supplier to some of the largest companies in automotive industry.

Nowadays, the company operates in the design, development and production of Industrial Solutions for Assembly Lines and Intralogistics with a wide portfolio that respond to the needs of its partners and clients.

The commitment towards research and development is one of the pillars of sustainability of the company. The focus on the creation of cooperative relations in R&D activities, together with scientific entities, customers, suppliers and other third parties, ensures a long-term sustainability with regard to the reliability and integrability of the solutions.

Our mission

The mission of Pinto Brasil is to give answer to specific requirements, throughout personalized solutions, in which gives privileges the ease of use and the user security, bearing in mind a greater productivity and increased quality.

Our vision

To be among the major players of the market and be recognized as a pioneer company in technology, thus honouring the quality of its products and the commitment of excellence with its customers.

Innovation Vision

To build a culture centered on innovation, creativity and collaboration, constantly driving the creation of intelligent and revolutionary solutions.

Our vision

To be among the major players of the market and be recognized as a pioneer company in technology, thus honouring the quality of its products and the commitment of excellence with its customers.

Innovation Strategy

Strengthen investment in Innovation activities focusing them on responding to current and emerging market and customer needs.


People’s engagement, integrity, coherence, ethics, professionalism and trust along with team work, will lead to pleased and happy people, who are committed and with the due feeling of personal value.

Our customers are the reason why we exist and we daily work for them. Our aim is to satisfy their needs with a high level of confidence and professionalism.

What lead us to the future are our values not our past successes.

We outline strategies that strengthen our organization and build the foundations of sustainability, in order to meet stakeholder’s satisfaction (building shareholder’s profitability and ensuring respect for life quality, environment and society).

The assurance of the best commitments to our clients makes us an organization capable of creating needs, a reality through continuous innovation with creativity and quality, always trying to overcome market’s expectations.

The group is constantly concerned to the active contribution towards the society we live in.

Management System

Management Policy
The Management Policy established by PINTO BRASIL demonstrates it's commitment to implementing the requirements arising from normative references, being disseminated in accordance with the internally established Communication Plan to all interested parties.
The suitability of the policy to the purpose and context of the organization, as well as the evolution and improvement of the Management System (SG) are analyzed based on Management Objectives established for the Processes of the said Management System.
The understanding and adaptation of this Policy, as well as the evolution and improvement of the Management System are periodically analyzed in the context of the review of the Management System.
PINTO BRASIL - Factory of Industrial Machines, S.A., within the scope of its activity of “Design, Development, and Production of Assembly Lines and Industrial Peripherals, Intralogistics Systems, and other metallic components,” aims for the sustainable growth of its business.
To this end, it seeks to continuously improve the performance of its activities in order to meet the expectations of relevant interested parties, promoting the sustainable use of resources and ensuring adequate safety performance. To this end, it commits to:
Satisfying the expectations of customers, and other interested parties , with the best price/quality commitment of products and services.
Promoting continuous training of the team, capturing and retaining talent, and being recognized for the technical excellence of its staff, raising awareness of the benefits resulting from compliance with what is defined in the Management Policy;
Implementing a set of measures that minimize the most significant environmental aspects, such as waste production and the consumption of natural and energy resources, protecting the environment and preventing pollution;
Identifying, preventing, assessing, and controlling risks related to health and safety at work, raising employees' awareness of these risks and providing them with safe and healthy work environments, preventing injuries and health conditions;
Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the organization.
Promoting the sustainability of the Organization through the promotion of innovation projects.

Inovation Policy
The Innovation Policy stablished by PINTO BRASIL to promote sustainability of the Organization through encouraging innovation projects aims:

Increase organizational capabilities through the valorization of knowledge acquired in the perspective of innovation of work methods and integrated management system according to the strategy based on the business model of the organization

Continuously improving the company’s operational processes aimed to increasing performance, effectiveness, and efficiency of manufacturing and logistics chain (Inbound/Outbound);

Dynamizing and credibilizing the Pinto Brasil commercial brand through marketing focused on sales;

Development of new products and technologies in an integrated

Geographic expansion of the business and the ability to increase customer service;

Creation and solidification of economic-technological relations with various stakeholders.


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