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Pallet Conveyor Systems

A pallet transport system is an undeniable pillar of contemporary logistics operations, going beyond mere goods movement to become a central element in the effective management of the supply chain.
The groundbreaking solution, based on a disruptive concept, enables the automation of pallet organization within production machine areas and order picking.
This results in a substantial increase in productivity and safety within production environments, replacing waiting times and downtimes with just-in-time delivery and intelligent buffering.

Roller Conveyor

Product Description

Our roller conveyor is engineered for the horizontal transportation of both full and empty pallets.

Thanks to the tangential drive principle and frame design, the rollers can be effortlessly repositioned.

An external chain tensioning station simplifies precision roller chain re-tensioning, while the sturdy frame profile serves as a reliable side guide.

The drive can be positioned on the right or left side of the travel direction, and adjustable supports ensure easy compensation for floor irregularities.

Chain Conveyor

Product Description

Our chain conveyors excel in horizontally transporting both full and empty pallets. Each chain run employs a duplex precision roller chain with straight links as the transport chain, guided by a plastic chain guide.

An integrated tensioning station simplifies chain re-tensioning, and the drive station is strategically positioned between runs.

Adjustable supports facilitate compensation for floor irregularities. The module is available with either two or three chain runs.

Orthogonal transfer

Product Description

Our roller transfer is the perfect solution for a 90º change of direction in the horizontal transportation of both full and empty pallets.

A robust steel profile frame serves as the lifting frame for eccentric lifting cams equipped with ball bearings.

The parallel lift is electrically operated and supported by maintenance-free ball bearings. Adjustable supports ensure easy compensation for floor irregularities.

Roller Conveyor Turntable

Product Description

Utilized for changing the direction of movement or rotating loaded and unloaded pallets, the turntable offers a variable rotation range from 0° to 180°.

The turning motion is achieved seamlessly through a precision roller chain, with the drive transmitted via a sprocket directly connected to the motor shaft.

Managing the efficient turning motion is a sturdy ball steering ring. The chain tensioning station for external rollers ensures simple re-tensioning of the drive chain.

The roller conveyor drive can be installed on the right side or, alternatively, on the left in the direction of travel (DOT). Adjustable supports readily compensate for floor irregularities.

Why our conveyors make the difference?

With Pinto Brasil, you can expect precise and reliable pallet handling, ensuring that your goods are transported smoothly and without damage.

Our conveyors seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow, making the transition to automated pallet handling hassle-free.

We simplify the planning processes associated with pallet handling, allowing you to focus on your core operations.

Our Modular Pallet Conveyors offer a wealth of design possibilities, ensuring they can be tailored to your unique needs and operational requirements.

The Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP) provides unparalleled flexibility, with a wide range of modules to suit various material handling needs.

Our conveyors can handle substantial loads, offering impressive load capacity for pallets, ensuring your operations remain productive.

Pinto Brasil’s conveyors are designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping you reduce operational costs.

Benefit from our extensive experience in the field of intralogistics, and trust in a market leader for your material handling needs.

Our commitment to innovation ensures that you are always at the cutting edge of pallet handling technology.

Telescopic Conveyor

The Telescopic Conveyor can be adapted to any industry.

When loading and unloading trucks, as extendable conveyor will make all the difference. This is the ideal and effective solution for handling packages, since it will minimize the need for manual handling of products by operators.

The purpose of the telescopic conveyer is to transport components into the truck, since it extends from the permanent conveyor to the end of the truck, making the process of entry and exit of materials faster, easier and safer.

This telescopic conveyor is designed for transporting tires but can be used for transpoting other components.

Way of use:

One or more operator load the components on the first belt, the components move to the last belt, where they will be removed by 1 or 2 operators, positioned on the lifting platform.

Why do you need a Telescopic Conveyor?
  • Faster loading and unloading
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Fewer human resources
  • Reduced effort required in these processes
  • Reduced risk of injuries
  • Space optimization
  • Increased productive time for your employees
  • Flexible solution
The Telescopic Conveyor can be adapted to any industry.




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